Everyone loves their sweet home but very few maintain it to be beautiful. It does not matter what may be the purpose, home décor and interior are dependent upon small improvements and the renovations. However, people often make small mistakes during the home improvements and that cost them many bucks and results in a loss. I have seen many cases where the improvements are not aligned as per the plan and that is the worst mistake one can ever commit while improving the home. The budget and the planning should be decided as per the requirements and here is how you can avoid committing the mistake.

How to plan home improvement

There are two basic conditions for the improvement. The first is to beautify and improve to stay and the other is to improve and sell it for a better price. The action should be different for both the purpose. So let’s take one by one.

Improve to stay

When you want to stay at your home and want to improve it, the planning remains as per the necessities and decoration needs. Suppose, you have painted your kitchen a few years back but now it looks outdated, you can remodel that. You can upgrade your modular in the kitchen and the same way you can better the bath fittings as well. All the home improvements that are done when you stay at home are for beautifying the house. You can also plan things according to the priority. The home improvements can be done with different stages or time. You can proceed with the high priority changes at first and keep the remaining pending for the next schedule may be a year after. Basically, the cost involved in improvement should be considered as expenses if you are going to stay at the home after improvement or renovation. Thus it is not advisable to go for huge cost at one time, you can always improve in multiple times.

Improve to sell

If you are carrying out the home improvements in order to sell the house then the approach should be entirely different. You must look at the cost as the investment and you can expect a Return on Investment as well. Generally, the buyer looks for a house which is in good condition. It is not particularly very important to decorate the home. The prime reason behind it is that the choice of decoration differs from the individual. Everyone has a different idea to go for the home décor and thus it will be unwise to invest there. You must make sure that no part of the house looks damaged. It is good to give the house a shiny, bright and clean environment to impress the buyers. The motive behind the entire improvements should impress the buyer so that the purchase amount can be increased.

The home improvements are same but due to the different conditions the approach and the budget differ. However, people often get carried away and commit this common mistake that in turn comes back to them as a financial burden or loss.


The exterior of your house says a lot about you. It is said that the house represents the thoughts, personality and passion of the house owner. We often put too much thoughts on the interior design and forget about how the house looks from the outside. But in reality the exterior is as important as the interior. Your house must speak for you, and that can only be achieved with a stunning exterior decoration. You must understand, first look makes the first impression. The exterior is the first thing a visitor notice of your house. An elegant exterior can make your house look good and enchanting. Here are some exterior design tips:

Firstly, you should consider about the landscape in front of your house. It is probably the first thing someone notice in your house. A perfect landscape can make your house look elegant and stylish. There are lots of landscape designs available which you can implement in your yard. A big lawn offers you with an opportunity to play with it. You can design the lawn just the way you like. Make sure you consult with a professional landscape designer before starting the actual work. Make sure your landscape design has some similarity with the interior of your house.

Secondly, Patios are one the most important part of your exterior house look. There are so many things you can do to make your patio look interesting and elegant. Patio is the most intimate part of your house as you spend quality time here with your family. You want it to be a pleasing for the eye and comfortable to spend time. The atmosphere of a patio should be peaceful. So you should add furniture which are simple and leave as much space as possible. Your patio should match the whole theme of your house, it is the key of a patio design.

Thirdly, Probably the most important thing is the painting of your exterior. A paint is a powerful tool and you can use it in so many ways. Your house exterior offers you with a unique opportunity of expressing your thoughts and passion. Painting the exterior according to the landscape is very important part of the whole design process. There should be something common among all the elements of exterior designs. You can paint the exterior with one color or you can try something new with combination of colors. A color combination is a brave move and it always looks good if done properly. There so many options available when you are thinking about an exterior painting. You can choose something which best matches your interior design and also the outside part of your house.

So above are some important facts to consider when you are thinking about an exterior house design. You can follow these tips and you will notice the different after the design project is finished. Your house will look stunning and it will represent your true passion through its decoration. 

home improvement

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There are lots of creative way of designing your kitchen. The kitchen of your house is a part which is always ignored when it comes to decoration. But not anymore, you should design your kitchen to make it look tidy and beautiful. In modern flats the kitchen space is often very small and you have to do everything in it. It doesn't matter if the kitchen size is small or big, you can decorate it just the way you like. Your kitchen can be small in size but it doesn't matter when it comes to decorating that place. Here are some innovative kitchen design ideas for you

Island Design

This is a creative way of decorating your small kitchen. Many modern kitchens are decorated in this way and it is cost effective also. You can decorate your kitchen with wooden items. The island design will save a lot of space of your kitchen. The main theme of this design is, the kitchen is not separated from dining. With some a beautifully decorated furniture, this kitchen will look perfect.

Hidden Kitchen

There is no reason to keep your kitchen in front of everyone. This design is especially for small kitchen where there is barely enough space for kitchen. This is a very effective way of hiding your kitchen or to camouflage it. Your kitchen will be undetectable if you don’t show it to anyone. You just have to install a small pocket door for entering into kitchen. The kitchen will be closed other time, only open it when you have to cook.


Mirror Kitchen

There are lots of creative ways of making your small kitchen look like a medium one. The mirror kitchen decoration idea is one which is very effective. Using big mirrors can really make your kitchen look larger and beautiful. You should use the mirrors on your cabinet, this decoration looks amazing in small kitchens. Remember to use beautiful granite on your countertops, mirror kitchen with granite countertop looks amazing together.

Black Decoration

The bold and black items in your small kitchen will look amazing. You have to paint all of your kitchen wall black and all the furniture should be black also. This will make your boring kitchen look more exciting. You should try this black bold design in your small kitchen. The black decoration in your kitchen is something which will always look good.

Studio Design

This is another creative design to make your kitchen look like a small studio. You can choose bright colors to paint walls. You can also set wallpaper on the kitchen wall to make it look beautiful. The studio design is cost effective and the outcome is stunning. You should try this design in your small kitchen.

There is no reason to ignore your kitchen even it is smaller in size than other rooms. You should decorate it just like any other rooms. A small kitchen can be made into a beautifully decorated one with some creative ideas.





No matter if you have just moved in or if you plan on selling your old house, you should know that there are a couple off investments you could make in your home in order to make it more valuable, and of course, more welcoming. So here are the changes you might want to consider:

  1. Front yard

There is nothing more important than a first impression. The front yard is definitely a house’s business card, since all books are judged by their cover. It is the first thing guests see and it’s probably the first thing to tell someone if they will or will not have a good time in that house. So taking care of your front yard is crucial. If you have lawn, it should definitely be in top condition, and so should be the flowers. If you know you do not have the time to take care of it, just go for gravel or try to pave it and simply add some perennial flowers to cheer it up. Above all, probably the most important thing is to keep your front yard clean. If you have broken tools, hoses or rusted chairs, you might want to keep them in the back yard or in the garage.


  1. Attic insulation

You could actually take this as a do it yourself project over a weekend. We all know how unpleasant a badly isolated attic can be. Apart from not being able to maintain the desired temperature in the house, you would actually be throwing money out the window. Instead of benefiting from all that heat produced by your furnace, you would end up freezing, since it would all go to waste. You should really make this your top priority when moving to a new place. You should definitely not wait for the cold weather to push you to insulate your attic properly. And since you are already climbed all the way up there, why don’t you also renovate it? You could turn it into an extra bedroom, a studio or even a playroom.

  1. Plumbing

Rusty pipes are a big warning sign to every buyer and to every real estate agent. If you want your house to be impeccable, you should start with the plumbing. There is no need you or anyone else for that matter to keep on ingesting all that iron and rust. The great thing when it comes to changing the plumbing of your house is the fact that you don’t have to tear it down completely. If you use plastic pipes (which are actually pretty great and reliable) there will be no need for many holes and ruined walls. You could even do this on your own if you think you are up for the task. It will probably take up all weekend, but you will never again have to deal with rusty water.



When it comes to choosing the right curtain for your doors and windows, the choice can be difficult. There are so many designs to choose from. You should select curtains according to the interior of your house. The right curtain will change the appearance of your interior décor. So here are some tips for so you can choose the right curtain for your house.

The Lighting

The lighting of your interior is a key factor deciding the right curtains. You have to consider the lighting factor to create a fabulous curtain decoration. Putting on curtains on your window and doors at a decorative level is not a wise thing to do, the light should the main thing to consider.  The main reason behind putting on a curtain is to manipulate the light. So here are some things you should consider

  • The amount of light you want in your room
  • What kind of curtain it should be, shear of solid
  • If you want to move curtains of a daily basis

Choosing the Function

Curtains can be basically used for two thing. You can use it for functional things, or you can use curtains purely for decoration. You have to decide what you want to do with your curtains. The curtains which are used for decoration are full of colors and contrast. They may not have many different functional options. On other hand, curtains used for functional purpose comes with many technical features. So before you go starting putting on some curtains on your window, you should decide that is the basic purpose of these curtains. It will make the design process easier for you.

Placement of Curtains

The thing to consider is where to put your curtains. The window treatment can be a difficult task if cannot find a proper combination. People often think too much about whether they are putting the curtains on the right place. So where to put on the curtains? The best answer is, whenever you think is right. You room should look good with curtains placement.


The Length of Curtains

This factor is very important for the interior decoration of you room. What should be the length of your curtains? Too short or too long curtains can damage the decoration look of your interior. The length of the curtain should be chosen according to your home environment.  If you have pets or small children, then it is better if you keep your curtains short and classy. Other than that, you can go for long curtains that reaches the floor. Also keep in mind that your carpets also can be damaged by long curtains. Carpet cleaning can be a difficult task if you don’t know the how to. Usually hiring professionals like Carpet Cleaning Markham does the trick.

The design

The best advice for curtain design is to keep is simple and elegant. You should go for a window treatment that matches the decoration of your interior.  Also choose the curtain color according to the interior décor. If you are confused about the color, you can go for a simple white.




If you are thinking about a house renovation, you should consider a roof remodeling to change the appearance of house dramatically. A roof remodeling will change the appearance of your house and will give it a new look. It is always a good idea to do some research before you start any remodeling work. So here is list of some cool roofing ideas for your next project. Your house in Montreal will look different with a Roofing Montreal project.

Appearance is the most important factor when you are considering a roofing Montreal. You should choose the style and design before starting the remodeling task.

Choosing the appropriate design will give your house in Montreal a new and stylish look. A roof is considered as the most important part of your house. Roof displays the exterior of your house and you want it to look good. Find out which design will be most suitable for the house. There are different types of roofing styles available for you to choose from. You shouldn’t get carried away with so many designs. Choose the most effective and appropriate one. Your visible exterior is mostly decided by the roof of your house. So you should choose carefully.


The next thing is to inspect your house from different angle. It is obvious that you have a clear idea about every corner of your house, but roof remodeling requires some new sneak peeks into your house. You should decide a vantage point from where you can inspect your house. Use a Binocular to get the perfect idea. With that kind of inspection you will be able to notice the crackling and the missing singles. Also inspect your house from inside and find out which part may require remodeling. Using a torchlight is an effective method to find out the leaks of your roof.

The next step is finding the right person to do the remodeling work for you. In Montreal you will find hundreds of contractors for this kind of work. Choose carefully and find the right contractor such as Toiture Montreal Roofing. A skilled contractor with all necessary papers like tax numbers, phone numbers and an identification number is someone you should be looking for. Be sure to ask about their policies, so you get a better idea of what you may expect from them. Also ask about the insurance policy, whether they will take liability of an accident.

You can take some pictures of your house before starting the remodeling project. You will be able to compare the before and after situation. Contractors will also take digital pictures of the roof. Now note down things need to be done. Your roofing contractor sill deliver a complete proposal of the entire project. They must let you know which roofing materials will be used for the roofing task. A detailed proposal is an excellent thing to do before the project. Make sure our remodeling company is providing you an exact start and ending deadline. Try to acquire as much information about remodeling from them.


People not living in Montreal think about this city as a cool and fun city with some amazing style. People also want to spend their time in this city with their family in their free time. There are some amazing spots in Montreal you should totally visit. If you are visiting Montreal for the first time then you should not miss the opportunity to visit these places. You will find out why this city is so cool in every aspect. Montreal is the home of dozens of world’s renowned shopping brands and also this city super popular for its bars and hangout places. This is a dramatic city with an artistic touch. As you walk along the tree lined streets you will certainly feel that way.

Montreal has so much things to offer you if you are a first timer. There are literally hundreds of places you should be visiting. But for one holiday you probably won’t have much time to visit every delightful sights of Montreal. So we have made it easy for you and create a short list of places you should not miss at any cost. Here the minimized list for you

Viateur Bagel & Café

Wherever you may be spending your holidays you always try find to the best dining place available in the city. Montreal has some amazing dining spots where you can take your loved ones. But St-Viateur Bagel & Café is nothing like any other ordinary café. This is one of the most popular dining place in Montreal and if you are visiting Montreal you should book a table now. The elegant décor and trendy look of this café will you the true feelings of authentic Montreal.

Minolta DSC

L’Ecomusse du Fier Monde

Montreal may be is the finest place for history lovers. You will see many historical structure here with their history. Du Fier Monde is the perfect place for the history lover as it will guide you through the insight of Montreal history. So keep this museum in you must see list of Montreal. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting this fine gallery of history.

Bistro Florin

Many people can’t control their urge to visit some of the most authentic French restaurant no matter wherever they go. Montreal has some of the finest French restaurant and Bistro Florin is in the top of that list. You must not miss the opportunity to have an amazing experience in this world famous French restaurant. So you better keep this beautiful place in you must see list in Montreal. This is an experience you don’t want to miss at any cost.


What is a city without a dazzling nightlife, don’t worry Montreal has the most amazing places for party monsters.  You will have plenty of options to live a party like never before in Montreal. Blizzart is another super exciting place to spend the night partying. The cocktails here is amazing to say the least and the dancing goes all night. You must visit this place complete your Montreal tour.



If you have kids and have a lot of clutter like most people with families, you need to follow a simple plan to declutter as it might cause you confusion, stress, and wasted time searching for things.


Benefits Of Decluttering

There are many benefits to decluttering of which it will help you to balance the energy in your home, cleaness, efficiency and an organixed environmen. When the energy in your home changes, so will your energy and the ones around you. Negative energy will be replaced with positive emotions and a feeling of accomplishment.

When you can find what you are looking for faster in a well organized environment, you will tend to become more productive, and relaxed. It will also make your home cleaner, less dirty and dust since you will tend to clean it better. It is also better for people that have allergies.It can also help you prepare your house for guests.

Steps to Decluttering Efficiently

So what is clutter ?

Clutter is anything that isnt used frequently and a person holds on to it for sentimental reasons. It could also be so many objects in one place that look crowded and unorganized. These things could be not used for a long time yet they continue to be in one place occupying a large space.


What to do to declutter?

Buy your self some storage shelves so you can put some items in it.

1. Go through your Objects and determine what has not been used for a long time, (over 2 years).

If something or cloth have not be used for over 2 years, most probably it will not be at all. So for example, in the case of cloth, most people will not wear something again if it has not be worn for over 2 years. So next step is to determine where to put it. In the case of cloth, usually there are many shelters which you can give to them the cloth which can benefit people that are homeless or in need. Isnt that better than having it hang in the closet occupying space for nothing.

Next, if the item is an objext with sentimental value, try putting it away and storing it. If there is no storage place left, see if you can replace some of the items that are currently stored there. Never make space for new items, always get rid of something to put something else in there.

2. Reward yourself everytime a space is decluttered. Have a nice reward when you do get rid of some things and associate a good feeling to it. This will hlp you feel better and perform this activity many times during the year.

3. Itentify the different clutter spaces as small projects. Tackle one project at a time.

Remove items that are broken, keep only what you love, the items you cant decide on, put them on the side and once you are doone with all your projects go through them and never open up new space for them, just get rid of something else if you want soemthign badly.

4. Most importantly, perform this activity until all the rooms are decluttered and repeat this atleast twice a year so you wont have to deal with a lot of clutter if you leave it for a long period of time.

in all cases, we always want you to understand that even though loosing old stuff that you cherish could be sometimes very difficult, yet making room for the new and loved items is a refreshing feeling that makes you look forward and not backwards in life.!


Transporting from Montreal to Toronto or Other way around?

If you are planning to transport from Montreal to Toronto here's a few options you have incase you dont have a car to get there:

1. Take the Via Rail and make sure to book ahead of time. Prices can become very expensive if you book last minute in the train. Whats nice about the train is that you can select the high speed one and get to Toronto in 5 hours. That's is technically more than a plane yet you don't have to go through customs nor wait in airports. The train is also always on time and never late like planes are. You can use the internet in the train for free and plug your laptop or any device. If that is not tempting enough versus a plane then last i would mention is that the train actually has several stops along the way which gets you closer to possibly your destination.

2. Take a ride with some of the car services on craig's list. Many people including professional drivers that earn a living transporting people from Montreal to Toronto and back again. They offer a service once a day usually in the 5:00 PM time frame and one in the morning. Most of them can be reliable and are at cheap prices. The ride is usually comfortable in a small van or in someone's car and they usually take on the full seats for a ride. Make sure to verify with the driver the same day to make sure that he will still leave at the agreed upon time.

3. Buses is also another mode of transportation within the provinces. www.coachcanada.com and www.megabus.com are the major options, however be aware that the buses can take a longer time to reach the destination as they make a lot of stops along the way and so the trip could extend a few more hours. The ride in a bus is the most comfortable that i have experienced and its a good time to relax and enjoy downtime.

4. Planes are usually my last option. The prices tend to be very expensive and going to airports along with check-ins and waits is not the most practical, however it is an option and i have seen prices that are low off season and specials. Make sure to check or create an email alert with some airlines for special discounts. www.westjet.com tends to offer some cheap fares on certain occasions.

5. Limousing or Limo Car Ride. Many limousine companies offer packaged deals for rides between Montreal to Toronto. The prices tend to be expensive though if you have a company expense or are multiple passengers, the cost can be decent and the most luxurious ride possible. Highly recommended though would need to meet some conditions to be of a decent price.

All the options above offer unique and enjoyable rides from Montreal to Toronto and back with decent prices and comfortable rides. Montreal and Toronto are 2 of the major cities in Canada along with Vancouver the 3rd. They have many sites to visit and unique characters.


Planning on having guests over for a few days, or a few hours ?

How do you prepare your house to accommodate your guests before their arrival and during their stay !?

I know this may sound simple yet it is not and the reason why I am saying that is because It seems many people have a difficult time with this and stress about it, so I will make it simple and even offer some sound advice.

Here are some things that you absolutely need to do prior to the guests arriving and inorder for you to have a stress free and happy guests hosting:

Prior to guest arrival

First and most important is to clean your house. Cleaning is the most important task that you will need to undertake prior to having the guests over. Most people are very critical of the condition of the place they stay in and want to feel comfortable. If your place is dirty, then how do you expect the guests will feel ?

Second most important thing to do is to get your grocery shopping done for them. You need to ask them if they have any allergies or any specific food they like or dislike. For example when my sister and her husband came over for a few days, they did not like having their cereal in my Almond milk so it was inconvenient and stressful to prepare another breakfast for them every morning instead of just a fast cereal.

Third most important thing to do prior to guests arriving is to make sure they have a parking and sleeping arrangements secured. Ofcoarse this sounds trivial but you might find out that you need an extra blanket or mattress for them due to some limitations, so I would suggest youplan this carefully and make sure it is all secured before.

During their Stay

  1. Make sure to always keep your place clean and tidy. After all, these are your guests an dyour image is important so is their comfort.
  2. Ask your guests if they have any special food preferences. If they don’t like seafood then no point making them that dish for dinner.
  3. Create self serve snacks to make them feel at home with food. This is important as many guests are shy to open the fridge on their own and eat something out of it. Atleast I am 🙂





  4. Provide extra toiletries. Whether they need it or not, make it easily accessible in their room so that it can be handy for them to grab it if they need it. Check the video to get you started on some ideas.



  5. Give them a spare key because you never know when they go out and come back and you are not there. This is a little inconvenient yet it goes a long way they will appreciate it.
  6. Empty some of the room and closet space for their belongings. We all have a tendency to use up and stuff the closet space so when guests come over there is no additional space. Make sure to take into account that they will probably need somespace in that closet and room.

Hopefully with these recommendations you will be stress free prior and after they come so that you can be sure they have a good time at your place!


Having kids is one of these things in life that you never know what you get into until you actual get into it and become a parent. Having kids can be very overwhelming, tiring and not mention most importantly a lot of work.. period.

As a parent, you constantly run around to prepare the kid's meals, their school, homework, your work… its not easy and to come to add to that the task of cleaning. If you are like me and don't have time to actually clean your house all the way from top to bottom on weekends, then best way to go by with this is to actually hire a maid. A maid is an extremely helpful service as it actually gives you more hours for yourself and your family in your life.

When you hire a maid, she will take care of all these tedious tasks that take up most of your day in the weekend. She or he will clean your house, change the sheets, put the kids toys away, you can even ask her to do the laundry and if you are worried about costs, then try the montrealmaidservices.com maid company in Montreal. They have the best prices and the service is top notch.

Maids is a service in life nowadays that makes our lives easier and one of the services that are actually becoming a requirement especially when you have a familly and time is limited. One of the most important part of being a parent is not just raising and cooking for the kids, its spending quality time with them especially in the weekends.

Being a parent is a difficult task in your life and along with work and mainting your family, the secret is to find the best tools that work in life that make your family and your life easier. When I used their service i was extremly satisfied, they cleaned very professionaly and they were very efficient and prompt. The Maid cleaning service in Montreal is an extremly efficient service that can be used not only for residential but for commercial as well and they even do all other services including moving out and spring cleaning.

House leaning, cleaning lady

I definitely recommend their service and very confident that you will be extremely happy with them and their prices. Nowadays, trusting a service and a company requires referral and good word of mouth and hence this is the purpose of my whole site. Recommending local business to help everyone in my community and to give them the best advice and business to support inorder to make life easier for all of us.

I realized something in life, for us to be able to live a life that we are comfortable and content, we need to use professional services such as a cleaning lady and handy man. These tasks can be done by us but will take time and effort and in the end, yes we do save money, however at what price ? frown


So since this blog is all about bad experiences, i want to start by making a very LOUD statement and yell to everyone to WATCH OUT from movers. Its a licence to rip people off unless you are very carefull and all contract details are made very clear.

My sister was moving not long ago, around a month ago, and she decided to call randomly companys she found on yellowpages and ask about pricing. She found this amazing deal with this company that claimed a price per hour.

Now, just from the price things seemed are little bit strange and somehow unrealistic, yet she mentioned that she spoke to them and the pricing structure was very clear…. Per hour Rate and an additional charge for using their truck.

So the day comes when they come over tostart the moving process. She pays them a deposit as they requested.

All things clear, 2 movers come by in a big truck and start moving the heavy items into the truck. Once the truck was loaded up, her new home was just a minute by car from her old home.

While driving there, they took out the contract and asked her to sign the contract… she did.

Prior to reaching her new house, they asked for the rest of the amount based on the items they have started to move and rest of items. Rest and behold, the amount they asked was so much more then what she had agreed upon and the price.

Something did not seem right, so when she asked him why he is charging that amount, he pointed to the contract and told her that there is additional charges for "heavy" items. They considered almost all the items in her houseld as heavy!! So the aount that came out in the total price was almost double what they have originally asked for.!


To everyone that has moved or is considering moving, :

1. Always look at the contract BEFORE signing it and at the little prints.

2. Always agree on the total amount over the phone and not on a per hour rate only without indication on whats after that

3. The day you are moving is VERY critical as the movers can request any ridiolous amount and you might budge in just because you are desperate, you are stuck last minute to move an dhave no other alternative…

4. Find a company that can give you an estimate based on your furniture by coming over.

5. Try as much as you can to move ahead of the last day you have to leave incase of something happening like the case above, you can cancel the contract and schedule another day. In alot of cases i have seen movers not even show up the day of the moving !

6. Done pay the deposit unless you agree on the total amount for the whole move.

7. Best of all, always ask around for good movers that your friends have used as this is the best way to find a good moving company instead of randomly selecting one thats sounds good over the phone.

Bets place to start when finding a good moving company i through friends and if this does not work, check my site out for list of good companies that I have used and or recommend through good investigations and word of reference.

Finally, good luck if you are moving since you will need it!

So here it is,

Lets say a major disaster hits your home, meaning, not just a hurricane, i mean a cat did it on your carpet or someone spilled a wine glass on your favourite sofa…

I know this may sound like everyone knows what to do cause they must have encountered it somewhere somehow in their life, yet that's not the case…

I had to learn the hard way when my dog along with her friend dog that i was dog sitting for the week did it on my carpet AND my sofa !

So here's my advise,

1. Start of with soaking the area with a towel until its completely dry

2. Next once the area that is damaged is dry, spray on it any carpet cleaner off the shelf from any drug store.

3. Once the area is soaked for 10 minutes, dont leave it long because you dont want it to dry out. Scrub it with a scrubber or cloth and dry out the wetness again with a towel.

4. Keep spraying and scrubbing and drying with the towel until you notice the color coming out again.

Cleaning carpet with cloth and  sprayer close up

5. I usually try around 5 times and if this does not clean the area, then professional help will be needed.

See my article on how to find the best carpet cleaner.

Good luck to you !



So as I am writing in my blog about the different local delights, how hard is it to pick the right local delight company ?

Well, with that being said, my sister was moving today to a new house she had bought and is renting her old place out.

She called a company a week ago she found and they quoted her a price online for the moving per hour. She made sure to ask them if there was any additional charges and they said a fee for the car. So she booked their service for today.

That was all good, they showed up today and she gave them a deposit.

They started to move, load the truck and around 2 hours in to it, the truck was full and her new place is a block away only. So while driving her to the new place, they mentioned in the truck that they wanted the rest of the money and the amount was completely not what my sister has agreed upon.

My sister contested these additional charges which were a lot more than what they mentioned on the phone, they showed her the contract in small writing they charge $50 for reach heavy item… so each item she had was considered heavy and the amount came out so high.

The reason why i am mentioning this story is because I need all the readers and bloggers and consumers to be wary of this kind of lies and disception that some companies do. How can they get away with this horrible service, with these lies and with making us sign on conditions they never make clear prior to the agreement.

I dont know about you but i am tired of this and thats why it is important that people know the good ones out there and support them. Hence why my blog came along !

Ok so maybe you will have a hard time sometimes knowing whos better than another, so I thought i would hook you up with a good directory yelp.com that will help you decide who is better locally. People put honest and good reviews, most of the time I scramble myself, but then I do diligence and check out a service online if possible at all.


As I had mentioned in my blog, i am dedicating this blog to discuss all the local shops that I love dealing with and why they are the best and to caution against the ones that I had bad experience with.

I want to start with my experience with the best Montreal limo company that I had recently used.

The reason I used this company is that it came recommended to me by all my friends and on facebook. I contacted them and told them that I wanted to book their limo. The service on the phone was amazing. They explained to me all the selection they have and their prices were actually very good. I asked if I can have pictures of their cars and they went through the website and showed me all what they have.

Then I told them that I wanted the best one they have and I actually knew which one i wanted from the pictures. It was the Navigator, it was always my dream to ride it.

The day of my ride was so much fun. I stepped downstairs on the hour, only to see the most beautiful navigator white car parked infront of my house, waiting, the driver standing their with the door open and greeting me with a big smile.

He then greeted me and I stepped inside the car. The first thing that struck me was the smell of the leather seats, and the extreme luxury inside the car.. it was very spacious and beautiful. They had electronic tv, phone, wifi, all that anybody would need.

As I sat in the limousine, I requested the driver to take me in a ride around the city. Luckily i had my friends with me to enjoy this.

During the ride, i noticed all the details and lighting inside the car, then myself and my friends went to grab a drink and asked the driver to put the music we wanted. We drank, blasted the music, laughed and lets just say it was the best ride, service and car that I have ever experienced. I did not want it to end!

We went around the town for a couple of hours and then I told the driver to drop us of at a bar. The driver was so nice and actually gave us a list of bars we can go to which will let us in without a lineup. I enjoyed the ride so much I actually booked him last minute to pick us after after the club!

After all my experience with them, I know I will always and sincerly recommend the company to all my friends, family and fellow bloggers!

I know I want to keep writing and writing about how fabolous my Montreal limos experience was yet I can only say so much you will need to book a ride with them to know what I'm talking about.

They cater to all occasions, whether you want a wedding limo, a airport limo, a corporate limo, a part limo, they will deliver I can assure that.

And if you are from out of town, i can only imagine how much fun a montreal limousine service and ride will be touring around the town and enjoying the city delights.

I decided that I will actually be booking this limousine company for a wine tour and see how that one will be, i cant wait! Why a wine tour, well i would say because i want to enjoy the outdoors, stopping at different locations and be driven in luxury style while i stop in wine chateaus, try their different selection and have a limo parked infront waiting for me to take me to the next location. Isn't this what life is all about !

After all we all work so hard to enjoy a limo service and that was one of my best experiences. Its a local company that works hard to make every customer happy and to give them the best time in their limos. Hence I will support this company that cares about its customers and works hard to be the best. Its absolutely the best limo service in montreal that I could have experienced.

If you want to experience this same ride in a Montreal limousine, check out their limousine service and send us your feedback.

Heres a pic of my ride!

Your limo is waiting