So here it is,

Lets say a major disaster hits your home, meaning, not just a hurricane, i mean a cat did it on your carpet or someone spilled a wine glass on your favourite sofa…

I know this may sound like everyone knows what to do cause they must have encountered it somewhere somehow in their life, yet that's not the case…

I had to learn the hard way when my dog along with her friend dog that i was dog sitting for the week did it on my carpet AND my sofa !

So here's my advise,

1. Start of with soaking the area with a towel until its completely dry

2. Next once the area that is damaged is dry, spray on it any carpet cleaner off the shelf from any drug store.

3. Once the area is soaked for 10 minutes, dont leave it long because you dont want it to dry out. Scrub it with a scrubber or cloth and dry out the wetness again with a towel.

4. Keep spraying and scrubbing and drying with the towel until you notice the color coming out again.

Cleaning carpet with cloth and  sprayer close up

5. I usually try around 5 times and if this does not clean the area, then professional help will be needed.

See my article on how to find the best carpet cleaner.

Good luck to you !



So as I am writing in my blog about the different local delights, how hard is it to pick the right local delight company ?

Well, with that being said, my sister was moving today to a new house she had bought and is renting her old place out.

She called a company a week ago she found and they quoted her a price online for the moving per hour. She made sure to ask them if there was any additional charges and they said a fee for the car. So she booked their service for today.

That was all good, they showed up today and she gave them a deposit.

They started to move, load the truck and around 2 hours in to it, the truck was full and her new place is a block away only. So while driving her to the new place, they mentioned in the truck that they wanted the rest of the money and the amount was completely not what my sister has agreed upon.

My sister contested these additional charges which were a lot more than what they mentioned on the phone, they showed her the contract in small writing they charge $50 for reach heavy item… so each item she had was considered heavy and the amount came out so high.

The reason why i am mentioning this story is because I need all the readers and bloggers and consumers to be wary of this kind of lies and disception that some companies do. How can they get away with this horrible service, with these lies and with making us sign on conditions they never make clear prior to the agreement.

I dont know about you but i am tired of this and thats why it is important that people know the good ones out there and support them. Hence why my blog came along !

Ok so maybe you will have a hard time sometimes knowing whos better than another, so I thought i would hook you up with a good directory that will help you decide who is better locally. People put honest and good reviews, most of the time I scramble myself, but then I do diligence and check out a service online if possible at all.


As I had mentioned in my blog, i am dedicating this blog to discuss all the local shops that I love dealing with and why they are the best and to caution against the ones that I had bad experience with.

I want to start with my experience with the best Montreal limo company that I had recently used.

The reason I used this company is that it came recommended to me by all my friends and on facebook. I contacted them and told them that I wanted to book their limo. The service on the phone was amazing. They explained to me all the selection they have and their prices were actually very good. I asked if I can have pictures of their cars and they went through the website and showed me all what they have.

Then I told them that I wanted the best one they have and I actually knew which one i wanted from the pictures. It was the Navigator, it was always my dream to ride it.

The day of my ride was so much fun. I stepped downstairs on the hour, only to see the most beautiful navigator white car parked infront of my house, waiting, the driver standing their with the door open and greeting me with a big smile.

He then greeted me and I stepped inside the car. The first thing that struck me was the smell of the leather seats, and the extreme luxury inside the car.. it was very spacious and beautiful. They had electronic tv, phone, wifi, all that anybody would need.

As I sat in the limousine, I requested the driver to take me in a ride around the city. Luckily i had my friends with me to enjoy this.

During the ride, i noticed all the details and lighting inside the car, then myself and my friends went to grab a drink and asked the driver to put the music we wanted. We drank, blasted the music, laughed and lets just say it was the best ride, service and car that I have ever experienced. I did not want it to end!

We went around the town for a couple of hours and then I told the driver to drop us of at a bar. The driver was so nice and actually gave us a list of bars we can go to which will let us in without a lineup. I enjoyed the ride so much I actually booked him last minute to pick us after after the club!

After all my experience with them, I know I will always and sincerly recommend the company to all my friends, family and fellow bloggers!

I know I want to keep writing and writing about how fabolous my Montreal limos experience was yet I can only say so much you will need to book a ride with them to know what I'm talking about.

They cater to all occasions, whether you want a wedding limo, a airport limo, a corporate limo, a part limo, they will deliver I can assure that.

And if you are from out of town, i can only imagine how much fun a montreal limousine service and ride will be touring around the town and enjoying the city delights.

I decided that I will actually be booking this limousine company for a wine tour and see how that one will be, i cant wait! Why a wine tour, well i would say because i want to enjoy the outdoors, stopping at different locations and be driven in luxury style while i stop in wine chateaus, try their different selection and have a limo parked infront waiting for me to take me to the next location. Isn't this what life is all about !

After all we all work so hard to enjoy a limo service and that was one of my best experiences. Its a local company that works hard to make every customer happy and to give them the best time in their limos. Hence I will support this company that cares about its customers and works hard to be the best. Its absolutely the best limo service in montreal that I could have experienced.

If you want to experience this same ride in a Montreal limousine, check out their limousine service and send us your feedback.

Heres a pic of my ride!

Your limo is waiting