So as I am writing in my blog about the different local delights, how hard is it to pick the right local delight company ?

Well, with that being said, my sister was moving today to a new house she had bought and is renting her old place out.

She called a company a week ago she found and they quoted her a price online for the moving per hour. She made sure to ask them if there was any additional charges and they said a fee for the car. So she booked their service for today.

That was all good, they showed up today and she gave them a deposit.

They started to move, load the truck and around 2 hours in to it, the truck was full and her new place is a block away only. So while driving her to the new place, they mentioned in the truck that they wanted the rest of the money and the amount was completely not what my sister has agreed upon.

My sister contested these additional charges which were a lot more than what they mentioned on the phone, they showed her the contract in small writing they charge $50 for reach heavy item… so each item she had was considered heavy and the amount came out so high.

The reason why i am mentioning this story is because I need all the readers and bloggers and consumers to be wary of this kind of lies and disception that some companies do. How can they get away with this horrible service, with these lies and with making us sign on conditions they never make clear prior to the agreement.

I dont know about you but i am tired of this and thats why it is important that people know the good ones out there and support them. Hence why my blog came along !

Ok so maybe you will have a hard time sometimes knowing whos better than another, so I thought i would hook you up with a good directory that will help you decide who is better locally. People put honest and good reviews, most of the time I scramble myself, but then I do diligence and check out a service online if possible at all.


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