So here it is,

Lets say a major disaster hits your home, meaning, not just a hurricane, i mean a cat did it on your carpet or someone spilled a wine glass on your favourite sofa…

I know this may sound like everyone knows what to do cause they must have encountered it somewhere somehow in their life, yet that's not the case…

I had to learn the hard way when my dog along with her friend dog that i was dog sitting for the week did it on my carpet AND my sofa !

So here's my advise,

1. Start of with soaking the area with a towel until its completely dry

2. Next once the area that is damaged is dry, spray on it any carpet cleaner off the shelf from any drug store.

3. Once the area is soaked for 10 minutes, dont leave it long because you dont want it to dry out. Scrub it with a scrubber or cloth and dry out the wetness again with a towel.

4. Keep spraying and scrubbing and drying with the towel until you notice the color coming out again.

Cleaning carpet with cloth and  sprayer close up

5. I usually try around 5 times and if this does not clean the area, then professional help will be needed.

See my article on how to find the best carpet cleaner.

Good luck to you !



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