So since this blog is all about bad experiences, i want to start by making a very LOUD statement and yell to everyone to WATCH OUT from movers. Its a licence to rip people off unless you are very carefull and all contract details are made very clear.

My sister was moving not long ago, around a month ago, and she decided to call randomly companys she found on yellowpages and ask about pricing. She found this amazing deal with this company that claimed a price per hour.

Now, just from the price things seemed are little bit strange and somehow unrealistic, yet she mentioned that she spoke to them and the pricing structure was very clear…. Per hour Rate and an additional charge for using their truck.

So the day comes when they come over tostart the moving process. She pays them a deposit as they requested.

All things clear, 2 movers come by in a big truck and start moving the heavy items into the truck. Once the truck was loaded up, her new home was just a minute by car from her old home.

While driving there, they took out the contract and asked her to sign the contract… she did.

Prior to reaching her new house, they asked for the rest of the amount based on the items they have started to move and rest of items. Rest and behold, the amount they asked was so much more then what she had agreed upon and the price.

Something did not seem right, so when she asked him why he is charging that amount, he pointed to the contract and told her that there is additional charges for "heavy" items. They considered almost all the items in her houseld as heavy!! So the aount that came out in the total price was almost double what they have originally asked for.!


To everyone that has moved or is considering moving, :

1. Always look at the contract BEFORE signing it and at the little prints.

2. Always agree on the total amount over the phone and not on a per hour rate only without indication on whats after that

3. The day you are moving is VERY critical as the movers can request any ridiolous amount and you might budge in just because you are desperate, you are stuck last minute to move an dhave no other alternative…

4. Find a company that can give you an estimate based on your furniture by coming over.

5. Try as much as you can to move ahead of the last day you have to leave incase of something happening like the case above, you can cancel the contract and schedule another day. In alot of cases i have seen movers not even show up the day of the moving !

6. Done pay the deposit unless you agree on the total amount for the whole move.

7. Best of all, always ask around for good movers that your friends have used as this is the best way to find a good moving company instead of randomly selecting one thats sounds good over the phone.

Bets place to start when finding a good moving company i through friends and if this does not work, check my site out for list of good companies that I have used and or recommend through good investigations and word of reference.

Finally, good luck if you are moving since you will need it!

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