Planning on having guests over for a few days, or a few hours ?

How do you prepare your house to accommodate your guests before their arrival and during their stay !?

I know this may sound simple yet it is not and the reason why I am saying that is because It seems many people have a difficult time with this and stress about it, so I will make it simple and even offer some sound advice.

Here are some things that you absolutely need to do prior to the guests arriving and inorder for you to have a stress free and happy guests hosting:

Prior to guest arrival

First and most important is to clean your house. Cleaning is the most important task that you will need to undertake prior to having the guests over. Most people are very critical of the condition of the place they stay in and want to feel comfortable. If your place is dirty, then how do you expect the guests will feel ?

Second most important thing to do is to get your grocery shopping done for them. You need to ask them if they have any allergies or any specific food they like or dislike. For example when my sister and her husband came over for a few days, they did not like having their cereal in my Almond milk so it was inconvenient and stressful to prepare another breakfast for them every morning instead of just a fast cereal.

Third most important thing to do prior to guests arriving is to make sure they have a parking and sleeping arrangements secured. Ofcoarse this sounds trivial but you might find out that you need an extra blanket or mattress for them due to some limitations, so I would suggest youplan this carefully and make sure it is all secured before.

During their Stay

  1. Make sure to always keep your place clean and tidy. After all, these are your guests an dyour image is important so is their comfort.
  2. Ask your guests if they have any special food preferences. If they don’t like seafood then no point making them that dish for dinner.
  3. Create self serve snacks to make them feel at home with food. This is important as many guests are shy to open the fridge on their own and eat something out of it. Atleast I am 🙂





  4. Provide extra toiletries. Whether they need it or not, make it easily accessible in their room so that it can be handy for them to grab it if they need it. Check the video to get you started on some ideas.



  5. Give them a spare key because you never know when they go out and come back and you are not there. This is a little inconvenient yet it goes a long way they will appreciate it.
  6. Empty some of the room and closet space for their belongings. We all have a tendency to use up and stuff the closet space so when guests come over there is no additional space. Make sure to take into account that they will probably need somespace in that closet and room.

Hopefully with these recommendations you will be stress free prior and after they come so that you can be sure they have a good time at your place!


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