Transporting from Montreal to Toronto or Other way around?

If you are planning to transport from Montreal to Toronto here's a few options you have incase you dont have a car to get there:

1. Take the Via Rail and make sure to book ahead of time. Prices can become very expensive if you book last minute in the train. Whats nice about the train is that you can select the high speed one and get to Toronto in 5 hours. That's is technically more than a plane yet you don't have to go through customs nor wait in airports. The train is also always on time and never late like planes are. You can use the internet in the train for free and plug your laptop or any device. If that is not tempting enough versus a plane then last i would mention is that the train actually has several stops along the way which gets you closer to possibly your destination.

2. Take a ride with some of the car services on craig's list. Many people including professional drivers that earn a living transporting people from Montreal to Toronto and back again. They offer a service once a day usually in the 5:00 PM time frame and one in the morning. Most of them can be reliable and are at cheap prices. The ride is usually comfortable in a small van or in someone's car and they usually take on the full seats for a ride. Make sure to verify with the driver the same day to make sure that he will still leave at the agreed upon time.

3. Buses is also another mode of transportation within the provinces. and are the major options, however be aware that the buses can take a longer time to reach the destination as they make a lot of stops along the way and so the trip could extend a few more hours. The ride in a bus is the most comfortable that i have experienced and its a good time to relax and enjoy downtime.

4. Planes are usually my last option. The prices tend to be very expensive and going to airports along with check-ins and waits is not the most practical, however it is an option and i have seen prices that are low off season and specials. Make sure to check or create an email alert with some airlines for special discounts. tends to offer some cheap fares on certain occasions.

5. Limousing or Limo Car Ride. Many limousine companies offer packaged deals for rides between Montreal to Toronto. The prices tend to be expensive though if you have a company expense or are multiple passengers, the cost can be decent and the most luxurious ride possible. Highly recommended though would need to meet some conditions to be of a decent price.

All the options above offer unique and enjoyable rides from Montreal to Toronto and back with decent prices and comfortable rides. Montreal and Toronto are 2 of the major cities in Canada along with Vancouver the 3rd. They have many sites to visit and unique characters.


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