If you have kids and have a lot of clutter like most people with families, you need to follow a simple plan to declutter as it might cause you confusion, stress, and wasted time searching for things.


Benefits Of Decluttering

There are many benefits to decluttering of which it will help you to balance the energy in your home, cleaness, efficiency and an organixed environmen. When the energy in your home changes, so will your energy and the ones around you. Negative energy will be replaced with positive emotions and a feeling of accomplishment.

When you can find what you are looking for faster in a well organized environment, you will tend to become more productive, and relaxed. It will also make your home cleaner, less dirty and dust since you will tend to clean it better. It is also better for people that have allergies.It can also help you prepare your house for guests.

Steps to Decluttering Efficiently

So what is clutter ?

Clutter is anything that isnt used frequently and a person holds on to it for sentimental reasons. It could also be so many objects in one place that look crowded and unorganized. These things could be not used for a long time yet they continue to be in one place occupying a large space.


What to do to declutter?

Buy your self some storage shelves so you can put some items in it.

1. Go through your Objects and determine what has not been used for a long time, (over 2 years).

If something or cloth have not be used for over 2 years, most probably it will not be at all. So for example, in the case of cloth, most people will not wear something again if it has not be worn for over 2 years. So next step is to determine where to put it. In the case of cloth, usually there are many shelters which you can give to them the cloth which can benefit people that are homeless or in need. Isnt that better than having it hang in the closet occupying space for nothing.

Next, if the item is an objext with sentimental value, try putting it away and storing it. If there is no storage place left, see if you can replace some of the items that are currently stored there. Never make space for new items, always get rid of something to put something else in there.

2. Reward yourself everytime a space is decluttered. Have a nice reward when you do get rid of some things and associate a good feeling to it. This will hlp you feel better and perform this activity many times during the year.

3. Itentify the different clutter spaces as small projects. Tackle one project at a time.

Remove items that are broken, keep only what you love, the items you cant decide on, put them on the side and once you are doone with all your projects go through them and never open up new space for them, just get rid of something else if you want soemthign badly.

4. Most importantly, perform this activity until all the rooms are decluttered and repeat this atleast twice a year so you wont have to deal with a lot of clutter if you leave it for a long period of time.

in all cases, we always want you to understand that even though loosing old stuff that you cherish could be sometimes very difficult, yet making room for the new and loved items is a refreshing feeling that makes you look forward and not backwards in life.!


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