People not living in Montreal think about this city as a cool and fun city with some amazing style. People also want to spend their time in this city with their family in their free time. There are some amazing spots in Montreal you should totally visit. If you are visiting Montreal for the first time then you should not miss the opportunity to visit these places. You will find out why this city is so cool in every aspect. Montreal is the home of dozens of world’s renowned shopping brands and also this city super popular for its bars and hangout places. This is a dramatic city with an artistic touch. As you walk along the tree lined streets you will certainly feel that way.

Montreal has so much things to offer you if you are a first timer. There are literally hundreds of places you should be visiting. But for one holiday you probably won’t have much time to visit every delightful sights of Montreal. So we have made it easy for you and create a short list of places you should not miss at any cost. Here the minimized list for you

Viateur Bagel & Café

Wherever you may be spending your holidays you always try find to the best dining place available in the city. Montreal has some amazing dining spots where you can take your loved ones. But St-Viateur Bagel & Café is nothing like any other ordinary café. This is one of the most popular dining place in Montreal and if you are visiting Montreal you should book a table now. The elegant décor and trendy look of this café will you the true feelings of authentic Montreal.

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L’Ecomusse du Fier Monde

Montreal may be is the finest place for history lovers. You will see many historical structure here with their history. Du Fier Monde is the perfect place for the history lover as it will guide you through the insight of Montreal history. So keep this museum in you must see list of Montreal. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting this fine gallery of history.

Bistro Florin

Many people can’t control their urge to visit some of the most authentic French restaurant no matter wherever they go. Montreal has some of the finest French restaurant and Bistro Florin is in the top of that list. You must not miss the opportunity to have an amazing experience in this world famous French restaurant. So you better keep this beautiful place in you must see list in Montreal. This is an experience you don’t want to miss at any cost.


What is a city without a dazzling nightlife, don’t worry Montreal has the most amazing places for party monsters.  You will have plenty of options to live a party like never before in Montreal. Blizzart is another super exciting place to spend the night partying. The cocktails here is amazing to say the least and the dancing goes all night. You must visit this place complete your Montreal tour.



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