No matter if you have just moved in or if you plan on selling your old house, you should know that there are a couple off investments you could make in your home in order to make it more valuable, and of course, more welcoming. So here are the changes you might want to consider:

  1. Front yard

There is nothing more important than a first impression. The front yard is definitely a house’s business card, since all books are judged by their cover. It is the first thing guests see and it’s probably the first thing to tell someone if they will or will not have a good time in that house. So taking care of your front yard is crucial. If you have lawn, it should definitely be in top condition, and so should be the flowers. If you know you do not have the time to take care of it, just go for gravel or try to pave it and simply add some perennial flowers to cheer it up. Above all, probably the most important thing is to keep your front yard clean. If you have broken tools, hoses or rusted chairs, you might want to keep them in the back yard or in the garage.


  1. Attic insulation

You could actually take this as a do it yourself project over a weekend. We all know how unpleasant a badly isolated attic can be. Apart from not being able to maintain the desired temperature in the house, you would actually be throwing money out the window. Instead of benefiting from all that heat produced by your furnace, you would end up freezing, since it would all go to waste. You should really make this your top priority when moving to a new place. You should definitely not wait for the cold weather to push you to insulate your attic properly. And since you are already climbed all the way up there, why don’t you also renovate it? You could turn it into an extra bedroom, a studio or even a playroom.

  1. Plumbing

Rusty pipes are a big warning sign to every buyer and to every real estate agent. If you want your house to be impeccable, you should start with the plumbing. There is no need you or anyone else for that matter to keep on ingesting all that iron and rust. The great thing when it comes to changing the plumbing of your house is the fact that you don’t have to tear it down completely. If you use plastic pipes (which are actually pretty great and reliable) there will be no need for many holes and ruined walls. You could even do this on your own if you think you are up for the task. It will probably take up all weekend, but you will never again have to deal with rusty water.


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