Thank you for coming to our blog!!

It thrills me to have you read here because I know this will make a difference in the choices you make 🙂

In this blog, I will be discussing local shops and stores that have amazing service. I think they should be proud to offer in this age and time an amazing touch to in their business so i want to support them and help them grow.

I dont know about you but i am tired of these big players all around, the big names and how they use labor from all over the world to make production cheap and hence compete with these local shops. Not to mention their greed for more and more money.

Nevertheless, i wont be mentioning any big players but i will commend and recommend all these local shops that help every day consumer and add a little touch to this day and age.

If you want to start growing your horizon to different experiences and to taste and try services that are one to one, make you feel special and really understand your need then just follow my blog and you will see what I mean.

I am a simple person in this world that wants my business and others to grow against all these big competitors.

I dont believe in extreme greed yet i do believe if you have a service to offer then you do need to get paid for it if it provides value to the consumer and satisfies a need.

My main concern and what upsets me is paying for something only to find out they lied, after service is horrible, the product breaks down and the actual service is not what they described it to be!

I think we are all fed up of these businesses that promise and dont deliver.

We are fed up of greedy businesses that want more and more and never stop and whats worse is they dont even reward their employees that are the main reason of their success.

We all work hard for our money, so lets spend it wisely!

Just being conscious of the choices we make and who we give our money to is what this blog is all about.

We do live in a world that is competitive and so lets me it a better place to live in.

If you want to connet with me, you can send me a message in the link here.